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First of all! We are Very Grateful for the amount of work, time and effort that Michael and Sarah have put into developing and getting this web site up and running!

Sarah, in particular, the amount of time and all the running around you've done! All the things that both of you have done to develop this web site is absolutely fantastic! And I’m absolutely certain that if we had to pay you for your amount of work that you have done, we would have been out of pocket ages ago! So...thankyou very much Michael and Sarah!

On Saturday afternoon I called in to visit Michael and Sarah and had my first peek of our web site! After a lovely afternoon tea, Michael and I went and had a look over the chooks, ducks, chickens and the new incubator! As I looked over their breeds I was in admiration of how wonderful all the separate breeds looked together. A magnificent trio of Black Minorca’s, an attractive pen of Welsummers, a fantastic trio of Brown Leghorns, and a superbly housed and kept Call Ducks. I couldn’t help but think that any one of these breeds would look wonderful in anyone’s backyard! For the average backyard poultry fancier why wouldn’t anyone not want to have purebred poultry! As we shared coffee together, Michael showed me the eggs that the breeds have been laying! I saw the most attractive brown eggs and the largest white eggs that I have ever seen! So we went about weighting a few, and what a surprise! The welsummer brown eggs and the Brown Leghorn white eggs averaged around 60g to around 65g, pullets and hens. But, the Minorca eggs weighed around 80g!! Michael said that the two old Minorca hens have layed consistently very well and I know myself that I’ve had old Brown Leghorn hens lay just as good at five years old, as when they were pullets.

I understand that the commercial breeds are easy to obtain, are docile and lay well!

But if people realized that good old purebreds lay well year after year! And my word what a pretty sight a pen of Welsummers make for example. I believe that there is a pure bred; large fowl, bantam or Waterfowl that would suit anyone that was interested in keeping back-yard poultry. Older people, young people, juniors, Any-One! When we are at our Club and Agriculture Show’s where the public come in and have a look!

We must try to do our best to promote the pure & rare breeds, to help and encourage others where we can! All the Best everyone! And keep up the Great work!!

With Kind Regards!

Jerrod Oliver.




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