Established 1963


The Devonport Poultry Club Inc.

Tasmanian Championship Show and the

 Mr George Harding Testimonial

30th July 2011 

The 56th Devonport Annual Championship show attracted 720 entries and paid tribute to 90 year old and founding member "Mr George Harding" who started the club more than 60 years ago. The official opening was conducted just before morning tea with Mr Harding unveiling the “Mr George Harding Poultry Pavilion.”  Shortly after this event followed by many well wishing speeches to George during the morning tea break. 

Mr Harding officially judged Champion Bird of the Show and was won by another elder gentleman Mr Bob Weldon.

“It’s a great honour to win champion bird in such a significant show” Mr Weldon said.





 Mr LES GOODWIN, N.S.W - Soft Feather Section

 Mr PAUL JARICK, N.S.W - Hard Feather Section

MR LES HODGE, Launceston TAS - Junior Championship

 Mr GEORGE HARDING - Champion and Reserve Champion Bird of the Show



 Champion Bird of the Show

and Champion Waterfowl:

Mr R.M.Weldon - Pekin Drake



Reserve Champion Bird of the Show

and Champion Soft Feather Large:

Mr & Mrs Bill & Pam Miller - Large Black Langshan Pullet



Champion Soft Feather Bantam:

Mr & Mrs Dennis & Rosemary Lyne - Black Langshan Pullet



Champion Hard Feather Large:

Mr Robert Walsh - Old English Game, Duck-Wing D/L Cock Bird



Champion Hard Feather Bantam:

Mr D.Hardy - Old English Game Bantam Black/Red, L/L Cock Bird



Junior Championship Finals Contest on Points:

Miss Emily Sloane


Junior Champion Exhibitor:

Miss Lilly Cooper - A.O.C Silkie pullet


Reserve Champion Junior Exhibitor:

Miss E.Sloane - White Call Bantam Duckling




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