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N.W.P.S. Annual Show - July 12th 2014

07/04/2014 13:48
 North Western Poultry Society Annual Show to be held July 12th 2014. Rhode Island Red Feature - Jack Pearce Memorial Best Minorca or Sussex Feature - Len Saltmarsh Memorial Best Wyandotte FeatureSpecial Waterfowl Feature for Rouens & Indian Runners Hard Feather Judge - Ellis Dick Soft...

15th March 2014 Wynyard Agricultural & Pastoral Society Show Results

16/03/2014 09:00
Due to the arson attack on our Poultry Club there was no judging of poultry at this years Agricultural Show.Results from previous shows:122nd Show Judge - Mr Damien Whiteley - All Breeds (Longford, Tas) Entries - Soft Feather Fowl - 19           -...


27/05/2011 15:26
This is our new section for results from other poultry club shows.  Results are listed from other shows that our active members have attended.


25/05/2011 14:30
 KINDLY SPONSORED BY        WATERFOWL AND LEGHORN FEATURE     JUDGES   Hard Feather and Waterfowl - Mr Albert Veerman (VIC) Left Soft Feather and Leghorn Feature - Mr Bob Fowler (Wardell, NSW)...

30th April 2011 - N.W.P.S. Open Show Results

03/05/2011 15:15
   Kindly Sponsored By - Templar Contracting Judge of All Sections - Mr Brian Morgan, Victoria         280 Entries / 30 Exhibitors   Champion Bird of the Show: Mr Lionel Shepheard - Modern-Game Bantam, Partridge D/L Pullet     Reserve Champion...

30th April 2011 - N.W.P.S. Open Show

07/04/2011 13:46
  30th April 2011 - North Western Poultry Society Open Show Langshan Feature Show  All sections, including the Langshan feature will be judged by Brian Morgan (VIC)

Meet our 2011 Show Judges

28/01/2011 11:29
ROBBY WALSH Judging on the 12th March 2011  Our judge of the Wynyard Agricultural show to be held on the 12th March 2011 needs no introduction at all!  It’s our very own Robby Walsh! His involvement in poultry stems back to when he was a small child, a fascination with a Rhode Island Red...

N.W.P.S. Monthly Meetings

18/09/2010 21:00
Our Poultry Club meeting are held on the first Wednesday of every month except for January.  New members are more than welcome!

Visitors notice

10/08/2010 07:10
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